20 Gauge Metal Caskets

Federal Law : Funeral Homes Must Accept Our Caskets

  • Local Warehouse – White Glove Delivery to the Funeral Home of Your Choice.
  • Same Day Delivery Guaranteed To The Atlanta Area!
  • Next Day Delivery Guaranteed to Columbus, Savannah, Athens, Macon, Sandy Springs, and the rest of Georgia!
  • Save $3000-$5000 On Funeral Costs.
  • 24 Hour Customer Service . Live Chat.
  • Free Funeral Assistance. Allow us to Help!

Make sure to receive an itemized price list from the funeral home prior to notifying them of your intentions of purchasing a casket elsewhere. This will greatly reduce the chances of a funeral home increasing their prices for other services to make up for the lost profit on the casket. We are here to help 24 hours.

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